Countrywide Healthcare Partnership

Zybax Joins Forces with Countrywide Healthcare

It is with great pleasure we announce the partnership of Zybax with care home supplier, Countrywide Healthcare.

The two companies have come together to develop a new ‘Fresh Linen’ fragranced odour eliminator which instead of masking the smell, tackles it at the source by bonding the lingering odour molecules to alter its properties.

Jeremy Gilson, the sales and marketing director at Countrywide Healthcare, said: “We approached Zybax because of their excellent product track record in odour elimination innovation. We wanted a solution that could compete against any product in effectiveness, offering more quality and more value for our care home customers. We’re pleased to say Zybax are the perfect partner for enabling us to provide a real cost effective quality solution that enables us to deliver a product you can rely on for more.”

Dominic Barnes, the managing director of Zybax, added: “We are very happy to be in a position where we can support Countrywide Healthcare develop and distribute a new choice in odour elimination cleaning technologies.”

Zybax’s complete range of cleaning products was developed with the care home industry in mind. It not only effectively removes stains and spills, but totally eradicates odours at the source. Zybax are proud to be a market leader in the manufacturing of safe-to-use environmentally friendly cleaning products.